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We want to hear from you! Yes, Sparkstation Management actually pays attention to you, especially seeking your reactions about our services, and ideas about improving things. All customers, vendors and anyone else are welcome to contact us. Any time.

We are Located at:

10 Science Park Road, #02-09 The Alpha, Singapore 117684

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Sales Singapore:   +65 96877 888
Finance/Admin :   +65 9687 7888


Skype :   elizabeth.lim00 / aidisim
QQ :   2549694040 / 2859257726
Whatsapp:  +65 96877 888  Wechat: sparkstation

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Technical Support : [email protected]

Report Abuse :     [email protected]

Sales Enquiry :    [email protected]

Billing/Finances :     [email protected]

Contact Us

Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you looking to merge existing web hosting businesses into our main company. We have been buying web hosts successfully from many years, and have decided to form a company that specialized in the purchase and mergers of other companies into ours. All Hosts will be considered. No company is too small, or too big. If you are just interested in a quote on the value of your host please contact us at [email protected]

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