Singapore IPv6 Hosting

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IPv4 Space has run out! We run a full, dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 network. Don’t be left behind as others transition. IPv6 is included as a standard, no cost option for all of our services in all of our locations. We’ve been fully transitioned and using IPv6 since 2011.

IPv6 is the “next generation” of the Internet Protocol, providing a hugely expanded address space and allowing the Internet to grow into the future. “Billions of people world wide use the Internet for everything from sending tweets to paying bills. The transition to IPv6 from IPv4 represents an opportunity for even more innovative applications without the fear of running out of essential Internet IP addresses,” said Vice President of IANA Elise Gerich.

The primary difference is that IPv6 uses 128 bit addresses as compared to the 32 bit addresses used with IPv4.


Combined with our instant provisioning, you can easily have a full, root access server with dual-stack connectivity up in just a few minutes using our Sparkstation cloud. Perfect for running your IPv6 enabled site, or testing services, without the performance degradation or setup required for complex tunnels.

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